Italian Bootcamp™: here is what to expect | Ecco cosa aspettarsi

⚜Discover the secrets of 3D Method™ and reach your Italian goals in 2024!⚜


Mindset & Motivation
Mindset & Motivazione

Discover which one of the 7 capital sins of every Italian learner is hindering your progress on the way to fluency.
Learn how to overcome fears and challenges and apply growth mindset to your Italian journey.
Mindset and confidence are the key to your fluency. 


Holistic Grammar
Grammatica olistica

Italian grammar doesn't have to be frustrating. It can be easy and even fun, if you know the fundamental concepts that form the language and if you respect the way your (adult) brain processes and retains new information.  If you add to it the sentence structure formula, you will be invincible.


Vocabulary: emotion & imagination
Emozione & immaginazione

 Retaining vocabulary is one of the most challenging parts of language learning, especially for adults! I will share my secret vocabulary retention formula to help fast track your vocabulary work so learning and using new words becomes natural. 


Italian Pronunciation
Pronuncia Italiana

Pronunciation is often considered an advanced topic.
Yet, it is a focal part of the Italian language framework and it should be addressed from the very first steps.
I will share the pronunciation pitfalls most English speakers risk falling into and help you integrate pronunciation practice into your daily routine. 


 Thinking in Italian 
Pensare in Italiano

 Thinking in Italian is the Holy Grail of every aspiring Italian speaker.
It is a language skill, yet the traditional teaching methods ignore it completely and never share tools to acquire this skill.
 I will walk you through the elements necessary to start thinking in Italian and share the tools you need to start working on it intentionally.


Join us for a transformative week of learning and linguistic empowerment.

What bootcampers say about their experience  |  Cosa dicono gli allievi 

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This is exactly what you need if... | Questo è ciò di cui hai bisogno se... 

🍋 You have been self-teaching Italian, or learning with a tutor for a while, but you are not progressing  and feel that something important is missing. 

🍋 You are a beginner, just setting out to learn Italian and you  want to do it right, with an efficient method and a proven system, without wasting time.

🍋 You feel frustrated with traditional methods that expect you to memorise grammar and vocabulary mechanically, without providing the tools or the framework.

🍋 You understand that learning a language means acquiring a new cultural identity and you want to be guided towards it consciously. 

Rebecca R.K.

" I signed up for a Bootcamp,  which gave me more than I had even imagined! It challenged my motivation, my reason for learning Italian and helped me with some goal setting. It pointed me into the direction of "Yes, this is the time! I really need to achieve that dream of learning the Italian language!""

Discover the 3D Method™!  |  Scopri il Metodo 3D™

The 3D Method™

We believe that learning a language means acquiring a new
 linguistic and cultural identity.

In this workshop series you will learn the fundamentals of our 3D method that will help you create a holistic learning experience.  

Learning tools & techniques 

Efficient learning techniques and the right mindset are fundamental in language acquisition.
We will share unique learning tools that will allow you to structure your learning process, organise the material and accelerate your language acquisition.

Community & Support

We believe in the power of community learning.
When joining you will receive an invitation to our private free FB community.  You will be able to connect with other learners from all over the world, passionate about Italian.
 A safe space to interact, ask questions and get support.

You can achieve anything you can imagine | Se puoi sognarlo, puoi farlo!  

Ciao, I’m Tania Troyan, the heart and mind behind the holistic 3D Method™ and the innovative Italian language programs here at 7-week Italian™.

I am on a mission to transform the way Italian is learned and taught and help my students reach their Italian dream.

This mission stems from my pretty unusual life journey…
What makes my Method truly unique and allows me to understand your struggles, challenges, and help you find the fastest way towards your Italian identity is the fact that… 

I have been you.  

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned learner who has mastered every aspect of the language, I have been where you are now and where you are headed. 

Just like you, I started from scratch.

Because before I became an Italian language and culture expert, an Italian interpreter, translator, and teacher, I was a 17-year-old girl who fell madly in love with the sound of this magical language and decided to master it perfectly and become Italian.
Whatever it took.  

I quite literally dedicated the rest of my life to reaching this objective and then helping others do the same.

For years I’ve been painfully aware of the imperfections of the traditional language teaching methods, that throw information at you in the hope something would stick, that never provide tools for retention and see just the language and never add the learner to the equation.  

I’ve been looking for an alternative, and when I couldn’t find one, I created it.  
I had to build the plane while flying it.  🛫 But you don't have to.

I’ve distilled years of academic studies, language studies, and research into the holistic 3D Method™,  and poured my heart, soul, and decades of experience of both learning and teaching Italian into creating my programs.  

Today, together with my wonderful team, I guide my students towards fluency through a structured step-by-step Italian language journey that equips them with the right tools, techniques, and most importantly, the right mindset. 

We helped over 10 000 students from all over the world  to make their "Italian" dream come true.

It's my way of making a difference and helping passionate Italian learners transform their lives and
 feel at home in Italy. 🏡

Frank M.

"After many years of trying to teach myself Italian, I came across this Bootcamp. It gave me the tools that I didn't have to go forward to the next step in learning Italian. I am very glad that I did it and I still go back to these lessons. and pull more knowledge and information out of it. "

 Questions ?   |   Domande?   

The course dates are February 19th - 23rd 2024
There will be a lesson a day from 5 pm to about 6 pm CET.  (5 pm CET is 11 am EST and 4 pm BT)

Every day you will be able to join the live interactive workshop together with your classmates, or watch the replay at your convenience, if you can't make it.
I recommend to participate live. The energies are great and going through the same process together with others is inspiring!

This Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who is serious about reaching their Italian goals.
Anyone, from a complete beginner to an advanced level student will take away a lot!

If you are an intermediate or and advanced level student, you will be able to go even deeper and re-examine your learning habits and processes, as well as build new ones, to help you accelerate your progress.

The training is free of charge and you are welcome to join.
No catch.
No strings attached.

Note: Free does not mean low value!

We put a lot of effort into making this an extraordinary experience.
Treat it like you have paid for it, and you will get the best out of this!

Kristin P.

"I have to say, you did such a great job, Tania. You really engaged me and everyone else. It was hard to believe it was a remote experience. I felt very much part of the community. You kept it very engaging!"