Italian Digital Toolbox [Free Masterclass]

 Accelerate your fluency by harnessing the power of Italian digital resources with the 3D Method,  and learn to avoid the common pitfalls.

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What digital tools should you use on a daily basis to accelerate your Italian fluency, and which ones should you avoid like the plague?

Struggling to choose the right dictionaries? Unsatisfied with your conjugation tool?
Considering using AI, but it sends chills down your spine?

As a student of Italian in 2023 you need more than just "a book"!
You inevitably use online or digital  resources of varying quality and effectiveness.

But do you know which you can trust?
Which are counterproductive and are slowing you down, which can accelerate your fluency, help you retain vocabulary, and practice grammar?

I will guide you through the digital landscape and uncover the most effective apps, websites, and platforms that accelerate Italian fluency.

We will also look at the most common pitfalls to avoid, if you want to grow your language skills effectively.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, this Masterclass will equip you with invaluable insights and empower you to embrace digital tools. The right ones!

What students say about our school (and, well... me)

 "Tania is my first Italian teacher and I find her course thorough and inspirational.  
I have spent a year learning by myself, trying to absorb the language, but Tania has taught me a whole new way of learning...

Laraine B.

"This learning journey into the Italian language and culture has been the most rewarding and valuable experience I have ever had .
 I cannot recommend Tania’s teaching methodology enough. It will entirely change your approach to learning Italian ..." 

Liz G.

"The holistic method Tania uses really makes a difference! I used to think to study Italian grammar was a real chore, but she found a way to make it fun! You learn through exploration of the Italian culture as well... I really think she has done something special here! Bravissimo  :) "

Jeff H.

 " Using the 3D Method Tania has enabled me to learn more in the 8 months, since I started with her, than in the 20+ years that I have been studying Italian.
She teaches not only the HOW but also the WHY behind the language...

Savannah W.

 I will share the must-have resources and techniques that will revolutionise your Italian learning journey. 

Do we know each other?  | Ci conosciamo?

Hi, I'm Tania.
I created 7-week Italian, our online language school, to help English speakers find their path to Italian fluency and feel at home in Italy. 💗
I've spent over two and a half decades exploring the best ways to learn Italian! (Sounds a lot, I know!)
This fascinating journey brought me to create a holistic methodology, the 3D Method, so that my students can avoid the pitfalls of the traditional teaching approach.
At  7-week Italian we (and by "we" I mean my brilliant team and I) believe that adults learn differently.
While the traditional methods just throw information at students, expecting it to magically stick (sounds familiar?), we know you need context, emotional relevance, and most importantly,  efficient learning tools as part of the learning journey.  Much better, right?  

So this is exactly what we do in our Italian language programs designed with the 3D Method.
And the progress of our students makes us proud every day!