Free 5-day bootcamp: Fast-track your Italian with the 3D method!

This is for you if... | Questo è per te se... 

  You have been self-teaching Italian, or learning with a tutor for a while, but you are not progressing  and feel that something important is missing. 

You are a beginner, just setting out to learn Italian and you  want to do it right, with an effective method and a proven system, without wasting time.

  You feel frustrated with traditional methods that expect you to memorise grammar and vocabulary mechanically, without providing the tools or the framework.

   You understand that learning a language means acquiring a new cultural identity and you want to be guided towards it consciously. 

A  transformational training to help you begin (or continue) your Italian journey.

Discover the 3D method!  |  Scopri il metodo 3D

The 3D Method

We believe that learning a language means acquiring a new
 linguistic and cultural identity.

In this workshop series you will learn the fundamentals of our 3D method that will help you create a holistic learning experience.  

Learning tools & techniques 

Efficient learning techniques and the right mindset are fundamental in language acquisition.
We will share unique learning tools that will allow you to structure your learning process, organise the material and accelerate your language acquisition.

Community & Support

We believe in the power of community learning.
When joining you will receive an invitation to our private free FB community.  You will be able to connect with other learners from all over the world, passionate about Italian.
 A safe space to interact, ask questions and get support.

What my students say about their experience and the 3D method...

 "Tania is my first Italian teacher and I find her course thorough and inspirational.  
I have spent a year learning by myself, trying to absorb the language, but Tania has taught me a whole new way of learning...

Laraine B.

"This learning journey into the Italian language and culture has been the most rewarding and valuable experience I have ever had .
 I cannot recommend Tania’s teaching methodology enough. It will entirely change your approach to learning Italian ..." 

Liz G.

"The holistic method Tania uses really makes a difference! I used to think to study Italian grammar was a real chore, but she found a way to make it fun! You learn through exploration of the Italian culture as well... I really think she has done something special here! Bravissimo  :) "

Jeff H.

 " Using the 3D Method Tania has enabled me to learn more in the 8 months, since I started with her, than in the 20+ years that I have been studying Italian.
She teaches not only the HOW but also the WHY behind the language...

Savannah W.

What's in the bootcamp ?

Thinking in Italian
Pensare in italiano

Language skills
Abilità linguistiche

Speaking essentials
Le basi per parlare

Mindset & Motivation
Mindset & Motivazione

Holistic grammar
Grammatica olistica


Vocabulary retention

Learning tools
Strumenti di apprendimento

Transform the way you learn Italian and fast-track results with the 3D method: 
a unique methodology with a holistic approach to language acquisition. 

You are in good hands   |   Sei in buone  mani

Hi, I'm Tania Troyan.

I am the founder of 7-week Italian and the creator of the 3D method.

I'm on a mission to transform the way people learn Italian, through a holistic  methodology and a three-dimensional  learning experience.  

I've always been fascinated by the mechanisms of the human brain involved in language learning and by the dynamics of reaching full proficiency in non-native languages.

I've spent over two decades now exploring those mechanisms, while focusing mainly on my biggest passion: the  Italian language.  

Over the years I realised something was missing in the way languages are traditionally taught to adults.
There was a need for a teaching methodology focused on the needs of the student and not just on the mechanisms of the language.

And that's how the 3D method was born: a structured teaching methodology for a holistic language acquisition.

The method is based on elements of neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics and it provides tools and techniques to fast-track fluency in all language skills, while exposing the student to Italian art, history, culture and... mentality.  
It's my way to make a change and help my students transform their lives by acquiring a new linguistic and cultural identity.  

Learn how to save time, avoid frustration and make learning Italian a profoundly rewarding experience. 
As it should be.

 Questions ?   |   Domande?   

The course dates are February 21st - February 25th.
There will be a lesson a day from 5 pm  to 6 pm CET. 

Every day you will be able to join the live interactive workshop together with your classmates, or watch the replay at your convenience, if you can't make it. 
I recommend you participate live. The energies are great and going through the same process together with others is inspiring!

This course is best suited for beginners with some basics of Italian, but you will take a lot from it even if you have never learned a single word of Italian. 

The training is free of charge and you are welcome to join.
No catch.
No strings attached.

Note: Free does not mean low value!

We put a lot of effort into making this an extraordinary experience.
Treat it like you have paid for it, and you will get the best out of this!