Italian Tricky Letter Combinations and Sounds Cheathsheet | Free download | [PDF + Audio]

Master Challenging Italian Sounds 

Download ⬇ the 3D Audio Guide & Cheatsheet and Conquer Tricky Italian Letter Combinations


Do you sometimes wonder if you are pronouncing Italian words  correctly? 

Do you struggle to understand others speak, because you would have pronounced the same word differently? 

Do you know how to pronounce correctly  "gnand "gl" in Italian? 
Are you struggling with "ci" and "ce"?
Do combos like "schi, sche, sci, sce, ghi, ghe" give you a headache?

Then this 3D Audio-Guide is perfect for you!

At first glance, Italian seems a phonetic language, with each letter corresponding to just one sound, right? Giusto?

Not exactly! Non esattamente!
Certain letters come together to create entirely new sounds.  

It's almost like a chemical reaction, where two elements combine to create a new compound with unique qualities - or in this case, a new sound. Creano un suono nuovo. 

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes that students make when taking their first steps in Italian, is not paying enough attention to learning the Italian letter combinations. 
And this can hunt them well into fluency!

Are you one of them? Sei uno di loro?

Then I have something for you! Ho qualcosa per te!

Download the letter combinations cheatsheet  and the audio guide and make sure your Italian pronunciation foundations are  rock-solid! 

So, what are you getting? | Cosa riceverai?

A clear and concise letter combinations cheatsheet with examples, to keep on your desk or phone for reference.

An implementation audio-guide, to help you pronounce all the sounds correctly and practice on the go!

The guide is designed with our unique 3D Method™.  
We believe in growing Language Skills simultaneously to fast-track fluency.  
That's why you will be able to practice the special letter combos not only through
 reading and writing but also by listening and repeating!   

What students say about our school (and, well... me)

 "Tania is my first Italian teacher and I find her course thorough and inspirational.  
I have spent a year learning by myself, trying to absorb the language, but Tania has taught me a whole new way of learning...

Laraine B.

"This learning journey into the Italian language and culture has been the most rewarding and valuable experience I have ever had .
 I cannot recommend Tania’s teaching methodology enough. It will entirely change your approach to learning Italian ..." 

Liz G.

"The holistic method Tania uses really makes a difference! I used to think to study Italian grammar was a real chore, but she found a way to make it fun! You learn through exploration of the Italian culture as well... I really think she has done something special here! Bravissimo  :) "

Jeff H.

 " Using the 3D Method Tania has enabled me to learn more in the 8 months, since I started with her, than in the 20+ years that I have been studying Italian.
She teaches not only the HOW but also the WHY behind the language...

Savannah W.

Do we know each other?  | Ci conosciamo?

Ciao! I'm Tania Troyan,
I created 7-week Italian®, our online language school, to help English speakers find their path to Italian fluency and feel at home in Italy. 💗
I've spent over two and a half decades exploring the best ways to learn Italian! (Sounds a lot, I know!)
This fascinating journey brought me to create a holistic methodology, the 3D Method™, so that my students can avoid the pitfalls of the traditional teaching approach and reach their Italian dream.
At 7-week Italian® we (and by "we" I mean my brilliant team and I) know that adults learn differently.
While the traditional methods just throw information at students, expecting it to magically stick (sounds familiar?), we know you need context, emotional relevance, and most importantly,  efficient learning tools as part of the learning journey.  Much better, right?  
We believe that learning a language is not about information, it's about transformation. It's the best and fastest way to acquire a new linguistic and cultural identity .

With this in mind we design and deliver our unique learning journeys at 7-Week Italian®.

So this is exactly what we do in our Italian language programs designed with the 3D Method™.