Start thinking in Italian [Free Workshop]

Thinking in Italian is a language skill, like reading, writing, speaking  or listening comprehension. 
It can and should be developed, nurtured 🌱and leveraged.

It will not just descend upon you by magic after a few months or even years of learning.  
There are specific techniques to wire your brain to think in Italian.  

I am going to teach you how to start thinking in Italian.

Wondering how to stop mentally translating English words into Italian and finally start THINKING IN ITALIAN?

The "holy grail" of every Italian language learner is now within your reach!

" Will I never be able to think in Italian?" is a question frustrated Italian students often ask themselves.
Are you one of them?

It's understandable!

In traditional teaching, thinking is the most neglected language skill. 
They hardly ever mention it.


Because most teachers or authors of text books don't really know how to achieve it.

Most of them have never mastered the ability to think in another language. So they can't teach it.
Yet, thinking in Italian is a language skill, just like reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking.

You have to consciously develop it, nurture it, leverage it.

It is not only possible, it is necessary if you want to compete the transformation you started when you decided to learn Italian.

In the workshop I will share with you 5 fundamental techniques to wire your brain to think in Italian. 

You are in good hands

Ciao, I'm Tania Troyan.

I am the founder of 7-week Italian and the creator of the 3D method.
I've always been fascinated by the mechanisms of the human brain involved in language learning and by the dynamics of reaching full proficiency in non-native languages.

I've spent over two decades now exploring those mechanisms, while focusing mainly on my biggest passion: the  Italian language.  💗

I realised something was missing in the way languages are traditionally taught to adults.

There was a need for a teaching methodology focused on the student and their challenges, and not just on the mechanisms of the language.

And that's how the 3D method was born: a structured teaching methodology for holistic language acquisition.

It's my way to make a difference and help my students transform their lives by acquiring a new linguistic identity and feeling at home in Italy. 

What students say about our school (and, well... me)

 "Tania is my first Italian teacher and I find her course thorough and inspirational.  
I have spent a year learning by myself, trying to absorb the language, but Tania has taught me a whole new way of learning...

Laraine B.

"This learning journey into the Italian language and culture has been the most rewarding and valuable experience I have ever had .
 I cannot recommend Tania’s teaching methodology enough. It will entirely change your approach to learning Italian ..." 

Liz G.

"The holistic method Tania uses really makes a difference! I used to think to study Italian grammar was a real chore, but she found a way to make it fun! You learn through exploration of the Italian culture as well... I really think she has done something special here! Bravissimo  :) "

Jeff H.

 " Using the 3D Method Tania has enabled me to learn more in the 8 months, since I started with her, than in the 20+ years that I have been studying Italian.
She teaches not only the HOW but also the WHY behind the language...

Savannah W.

Whether you're an advanced beginner or a proficient learner, this Workshop will equip you with invaluable insights and empower you to embrace thinking in Italian as part of
 your new Italian identit