For elementary and intermediate levels

Let's spend the rest of 2022 working towards your Italian goals! 

The Autumn edition 2022 begins on
October 10th.  

If you think this programs is a good fit for your current level, let's make sure it is!

The program is designed with the 3D Method and is perfect for
an elementary level student or an intermediate self-taught learner.

Italian Momentum is a perfect mix of self-paced and live community learning
that will help you take your Italian to the next level.

Experience a holistic learning process, carefully structured,  with a step-by-step guidance and culturally relevant content.  

In this 7-week course, you will find everything you need to build your Italian fluency with a mix of guided self-paced and live tutoring, conversation practice and a supportive international community to hold you accountable in your progress.

Let's  listen to Momentum graduates introduce the program and describe their experience.

Frank M.

"After many years of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, I finally got some traction and... momentum! ... For me it was worth all the time and effort that I have put into it". 

Rebecca K.

"These courses, have given me all the tools I need to guarantee I will be able to think in Italian very easily very soon."

Kristin P.

"The course helped me understand why you say things the way  you do. It just gave me so much more context... "

Annette B.

"This journey with 7-week Italian is amazing: I feel I've grown so much! This program encompasses everything... " 

What's in Momentum? | Cosa c'Γ¨ in Momentum?

  •  7 weeks of exciting Italian stories and fascinating culture-related bite-sized grammar. 
  •  Weekly Grammar Clinic - live Q&A.
  •  Weekly feedback on assignments (compiti).
  • Incubator & Accelerator extended until 2023 (if applicable).
  •  Supportive and engaging international community.
  •  Pausa caffΓ¨ conversation practice.
  • 6-month access.
  • Accountability, support, guidance.
  • A unique learning experience designed and delivered with the 3D method.

Sneak a peek at the complete Momentum curriculum!
You will find it below. πŸ‘‡

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Frank Marrone

Momentum? Senza Domande!

Finally, after many years of "spinning my wheels" my Italian language learning has gained real traction, real "momentum." Tania's holistic approach to learning Italian seems to provide the learner with all the tools needed to become a better speaker, listener, reader and writer of the language. The Grammar Clinics and explanations made clear things that had been muddy. The exercises were engaging, interesting and went a long in driving home the lessons at hand. For me it was well worth the time, effort and money.

4 months ago
Madalene Stevens

Great course!

If you started with the other courses in 7-week Italian, I definitely recommend continuing into Momentum. I especially like the way grammar and vocabulary are intertwined with culture and history, making it more relevant and interesting to study. As always, Tania's explanatory videos make grammar concepts much easier to understand and implement in your own communication.

4 months ago
Diane Cortese

This is my third course with 7-week Italian!

This is my third course with 7 week Italian. The structure of the courses provided many opportunities to learn Italian by incorporating all aspects of learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I am definitely seeing improvement in learning. I am living in Italy for six months a year and I am feeling more confident to shop, to dine, make appointments, and talk to Italian speakers and being understood!

4 months ago
Merete Lindrupsen


I am so happy that I did it. The way Tania is doing the work, is fantastic. The combination of reading, listening, writing and talking is the recipe to improve your skills. However it demands dedication and determination to learn the language. However I never get bored about doing the lessons. It is always inspiring, and I was looking forward to do the lessons and discovered that yes, I am gradually remembering things I thought I would never be able to remember. I think the tribute is to the work I am putting in, and of course my Pausa Caffè group. Without them it would not have been the same. This is the gem ;) Thank you ;)

4 months ago
Jill Pelletier

Momentum ! Worth every penny!

I had been studying Italian for a year and had many different instructors when I came across Momentum with 7-week Italian. I must say that Momentum is worth every penny. In a snapshot, I could see all of the grammar rules and can easily access exercises for a particular one that I have to work on. The grammar is presented in a simple but thorough manner. Having tons of exercises right after the grammar rule being explained made it easier to absorb and retain the material. This program will set you up for success, it takes you step by step through the process of learning a new language.

4 months ago
Danita Zanrè

Momentum - perfect title for the course!

I feel like keeping the momentum going while learning Italian is so important. It's easy to get sidetracked and even discouraged while learning a new language. Having weekly live courses and scheduled coursework demands attention and commitment. The commitment is often missed in online courses. Many are "at your own pace", and this allows for distractions and it's easy to let the lessons slide. For me, having accountability in the course was important!

4 months ago
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This program is perfect for you if:

βœ… You are an Italian Accelerator program graduate
βœ… You are an elementary level student .
βœ…    You are a self-taught learner,  at a pre-elementary level,  in need of a structured program.
βœ…   You are passionate about Italy,  Italian language and culture.
βœ…   You are committed to the process and wish to make progress and develop all your language skills. 

find your voice in italian

Weekly Units & Multimedia

Self-paced weekly units, with bite-sized lessons. Functional vocabulary, holistic grammar and cultural elements explored through audio, video, texts and downloads.
The exercises will simultaneously engage all of your learning skills.
You will be able to access all contents for 6 months and review all lessons more than once after the group course is over. 

Grammar Clinic & Feedback on your assignments

Every week you will have the possibility to participate in a live Q&A session, the Grammar Clinic, to ask questions, solve doubts and discuss the challenges of the weekly module.
You will be able to submit your weekly assignment to the instructor and receive feedback. 

Conversation sessions

Weekly meetings in the course community to practice speaking Italian and apply the new vocabulary acquire in the module in a supportive and protected environment.

Pronunciation workout

You will work on crafting correct Italian pronunciation in each weekly module, while acquiring and revisiting functional vocabulary and cultural elements.  

Community & Accountability

Share your progress, ask questions, participate in discussions and connect with likeminded people in our supportive international  Course Community.  

Mindset and methodology 

Efficient learning techniques and the right mindset are fundamental for steady progress. You will find mindset and methodology tips throughout the course

You are in good hands

Hi, I'm Tania Troyan.

I am the founder of 7-week Italian and the creator of the 3D method.
I've always been fascinated by the mechanisms of the human brain involved in language learning and by the dynamics of reaching full proficiency in non-native languages.

I've spent over two decades now exploring those mechanisms, while focusing mainly on my biggest passion: the  Italian language.  πŸ’—

I realised something was missing in the way languages are traditionally taught to adults.

There was a need for a teaching methodology focused on the student and their challenges, and not just on the mechanisms of the language.

And that's how the 3D method was born: a structured teaching methodology for holistic language acquisition.

It's my way to make a difference and help my students transform their lives by acquiring a new linguistic identity and feeling at home in Italy. 

Benvenuti! Welcome to 7-week Italian!

At 7-week Italian (7WIT) we create self-paced Italian language courses, with a unique mix of live coaching and community learning.
We design our all our courses with a great passion for Italian and with our unique teaching methodology, the 3D Method, for holistic learning experience.

Why 7 weeks?   It's the perfect time frame for an Italian language course. It is the time necessary for our brain to rewire and, applied to language learning, to transition to the next proficiency level.  

We are passionate about Italian culture and believe that language is its most faithful mirror. You will find a wealth of culturally relevant content in our courses, together with functional vocabulary, contest-related exercises and useful linguistic survival techniques.

Following our courses you will acquire efficient learning tools and set up the correct mindset for a result-oriented and rewarding learning process.