For elementary to intermediate level students

We begin on  October 10th! 

Take the test and get an invite to the Discovery call on October 3rd 2023!

You have been learning Italian for a while,
but you feel like something is missing:
progress is taking too much time and effort,
grammar does not always make sense,
 fluency feels light-years away.
Sounds familiar?

We have a solution that will fast-track your progress, build your Italian identity and help you feel at home in Italy!

Momentum : October - December 2023

Momentum will begin on October 10th!

It will take your Italian to the next level!

Every week we will have a new unit with language skills development, functional vocabulary, bite-sized grammar and language&culture lessons.  
You will get personal feedback on your weekly assignment, have weekly conversation practice with your classmates, and a weekly live Grammar clinic!

Bonus 1:  Ripasso [self-paced]

Ripasso is a 7+1 week long program that will help you reinforce and solidify the foundations of your fluency!

Every unit contains bite-sized grammar, exercises, games and fundamental vocabulary.
Ripasso is an invaluable addition to your Momentum experience!  

Bonus 2 :  Access to Incubator & Accelerator 

Get access to the first 2 steps of Italian Campus.

These 7-week programs are packed with the most important fundamentals of Italian that are the foundation to fluency.

 Live Grammar clinics will take place on Tuesdays at 5 pm CET (Italy)

Curious? Listen to what graduates have to share!

Ripasso & Momentum graduates talk about their experience:

Valeria S.

"Ripasso is probably one of the best bridges I've ever seen created in programs like this"
"I've just graduated from Momentum and I'm at a level where I've never been before."

Rebecca K.

"These courses, I have just finished the third one, Momentum, have given me all the tools I need to guarantee I will be able to think in Italian..."

Peter B.

"This has been a great course for me! I can recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the effort to learn the language. I am looking forward to revising. That's another part of the course... revision!"

Liz G.

"Ripasso, which was a wonderful idea... to take a moment to look back at what we had learned... before we moved on to Momentum.
My Italian has gone from almost 0 to a level where I would feel comfortable speaking Italian when I next go to Italy."

Review is necessary when learning a language and Ripasso was exactly what I needed to take my Italian to the next level! The structuring of Ripasso helped me stay focused and on the course Also, with Ripasso, I found myself noticing language nuances that I didn't recognize when initially learning concepts. Tania provides interesting topics for Pausa Caffè chats with fellow classmates as well. In summary, give yourself the gift of reviewing Italian with Ripasso!


Reviewing the material and clarifying whatever I didn't absorb the first time was amazing.
Towards the end of the course I went to Rome and I spoke Italian like I've never spoken before!

 Suddenly I understood almost everything they said to me and I had the courage to answer and ask questions in Italian too.

 It felt awesome, and it's all thanks to you, Tania. Grazie mille ❤


What a great idea to run a structured revision of all that we had learned so far and to integrate it all into a single body of knowledge, with links between each week.
I would not have revised as much in this time, if I hadn't done this course.

Now I have all the material that we have covered in one place and I can continue to revise on my own.


What's in Momentum? | Cosa c'è in Momentum?

  •  7 weeks of exciting Italian stories and fascinating culture-related bite-sized grammar. 
  •  Weekly Grammar Clinic - live Q&A.
  •  Weekly feedback on assignments (compiti).
  • BONUS: Incubator & Accelerator access!
  • BONUS:  Ripasso access. 
  •  Supportive and engaging international community.
  •  Pausa caffè weekly conversation practice
  •  Accountability, support & guidance.
  •  A unique learning experience designed and delivered with the 3D method.
  •  Access to all material until 31.12.23

Sneak a peek at the complete Momentum curriculum!
You will find it below. 👇

Italian Campus is a perfect mix of self-paced and live community learning
that will help you take your Italian to the next level.

Experience a holistic learning process, carefully structured,  with a step-by-step guidance and culturally relevant content.  

In this program you will find everything you need to build your Italian fluency with a mix of guided self-paced and live tutoring, conversation practice and a supportive international community to hold you accountable in your progress.

Momentum course Curriculum



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Elisa (Elle) Bisante

The Right Road to Learning Italian!

This was an amazing language experience from the one week Boot Camp, Incubator, Accelerator and Momentum sessions. I’ve learnt so much and am very grateful to have crossed paths with this very dedicated group. Grazie mille Tania, Elisabetta e Alessandra!

2 months ago
Gillian Burns

Fantastic and brilliant. Sign up now if you want to learn Italian!

If you're serious about learning Italian - this is THE course for you! You've found it - look no further! Tania is a language expert who has carefully created this fantastic course that is a joy to be part of. The class structure and methodology throughout is 1st class and is tailored to the student's learning and progress. I particularly enjoyed how each new lesson builds on the one before - solid building blocks that enable you to really understand the why's of grammar and speech. The music, cultural and "everyday Italy" activities incorporated into each week's lessons are equally educational and add a fun element. Having fun = learning happens! And it does - I'm astonished how much I've learned and am able to retain - exceeded all my expectations. It's been a joy to take this course. I didn't want it to end!

2 months ago
Kimberly Jackson

Excellent way to learn the language!

I thoroughly enjoyed the exercises. The experience was very immersive and extremely engaging. Loved that it used cultural and historical elements. I enjoyed connecting with another learner to practice in the Pausa Caffè setting. It was challenging but with support of teachers it is a very effective language course.

2 months ago
Michelle Stevens

The most successful route to learning Italian I have found so far!

A thorough grounding in the basics of the Italian language. The Momentum course I followed included a review of many foundational concepts, which was so helpful to participants with differing amounts of prior knowledge. I’m so glad that I undertook this course, and I just wish it wasn’t ending here. Highly recommended!

2 months ago
Birgit Kofler

Great course!

Momentum helped me a lot to improve my Italian skills. The method and the way the topics are presented are effective, sustainable and often fun! Many thanks to Tania, who does a great job with these courses and her amazing team!

3 months ago
Elizabeth George

Tania is brilliant

I love the lessons and the enthusiasm and patience of Tania. I especially love the structure of the course and all the links to culture. I would highly recommend the course as it helps you progress whatever your ability.

10 months ago
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This program is perfect for you if:

✅ You are an Italian Accelerator program graduate
✅ You are an elementary level student .
✅  You are a self-taught learner,  at a pre-elementary level,  in need of a structured program.
✅  You are passionate about Italy,  Italian language and culture.
✅  You are committed to the process and wish to make progress and develop all your language skills. 

find your voice in italian

Weekly Units & Multimedia

Self-paced weekly units, with bite-sized lessons. Functional vocabulary, holistic grammar and cultural elements explored through audio, video, texts and downloads.
The exercises will simultaneously engage all of your learning skills.
You will be able to access all contents as long a you are part of the Campus program. 

Grammar Clinic & Feedback on your assignments

Every week you will have the possibility to participate in a live Q&A session, the Grammar Clinic, to ask questions, solve doubts and discuss the challenges of the weekly module.
During Momentum you will be able to submit your weekly assignment to the instructor and receive feedback. 

Conversation sessions

Weekly meetings in the course community to practice speaking Italian and apply the new vocabulary acquire in the module in a supportive and protected environment.

Pronunciation workout

You will work on crafting correct Italian pronunciation in each weekly module, while acquiring and revisiting functional vocabulary and cultural elements.  

Community & Accountability

Share your progress, ask questions, participate in discussions and connect with likeminded people in our supportive international  Course Community.  

Mindset and methodology 

Efficient learning techniques and the right mindset are fundamental for steady progress. You will find mindset and methodology tips throughout the course

You are in good hands

Ciao, I'm Tania Troyan.

I am the founder of 7-week Italian and the creator of the 3D method.
I've always been fascinated by the mechanisms of the human brain involved in language learning and by the dynamics of reaching full proficiency in non-native languages.

I've spent over two decades now exploring those mechanisms, while focusing mainly on my biggest passion: the  Italian language.  💗

I realised something was missing in the way languages are traditionally taught to adults.

There was a need for a teaching methodology focused on the student and their challenges, and not just on the mechanisms of the language.

And that's how the 3D method was born: a structured teaching methodology for holistic language acquisition.

It's my way to make a difference and help my students transform their lives by acquiring a new linguistic identity and feeling at home in Italy.

Benvenuti! Welcome to 7-week Italian!

At 7-week Italian (7WIT) we create self-paced Italian language courses, with a unique mix of live coaching and community learning.
We design our all our courses with a great passion for Italian and with our unique teaching methodology, the 3D Method, for holistic learning experience.

Why 7 weeks?   It's the perfect time frame for an Italian language course. It is the time necessary for our brain to rewire and, applied to language learning, to transition to the next proficiency level.  

We are passionate about Italian culture and believe that language is its most faithful mirror. You will find a wealth of culturally relevant content in our courses, together with functional vocabulary, contest-related exercises and useful linguistic survival techniques.

Following our courses you will acquire efficient learning tools and set up the correct mindset for a result-oriented and rewarding learning process.