Italian Incubator


Your journey towards Italian fluency starts here

Have you tried learning Italian, but couldn't progress? 

It's because traditional language learning methods rarely work.
That is why we’ve created the holistic 3D Method, and designed the Italian  Incubator program, to help you lay strong foundations for your future fluency.  


What is your Italian dream? 

  • Do you want to feel a sense of deep belonging in Italy, while you travel all around the "stivale", and enjoy the nature, the art, the culture and the food?  
  • Do you want to call Italy your home, and create the life of your dreams, embracing "la dolce vita"?
  • Do you want to reconnect to your Italian heritage and find your Italian identity?

You have your own special dream of feeling at home in Italy.
To make that dream a reality you need to 
craft your Italian identity. 
You need to be able to speak & think in Italian.  

Here is how we can help you.  

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are a complete beginner

You don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed

 You are standing in front of the vastness of Italian and have no idea where or how to begin.

 The sheer quantity of material is overwhelming and is hindering you to the point where you are considering giving up before you even begin.

You may have started with an app, but quickly realised that you are not making progress.

 Mindlessly memorising words and cramming in grammar rules makes no sense to you.  

You are an advanced beginner

Your foundations are shaky, you can't build on them, so you can't really progress

You have tried self-teaching with apps, online videos, in-person programs, and live tutors.

 However, you still haven't found the structure and clarity you need to make the language your own and start communicating in Italian.  

Your Italian foundations were laid chaotically, so you feel stuck in a beginner's limbo, never able to break through that bottleneck.

You know you need to review the basics in a structured way, but going back feels frustrating.


Every step of this 3D journey will bring you closer to your goal: understanding, speaking and thinking in Italian.

Want to know what you're in for? Hit play!

What our graduates say 

Our Incubator graduates share their success stories.


Here is how we'll do it together in Italian Incubator | Live edition

  • Lay solid and structured foundations to your Italian fluency, so it can become second nature. 
  • Grow your everyday vocabulary and put it in context, so you can travel or live in Italy with a sense of belonging. 
  • Discover how much sense Italian grammar can make, when you understand the "why" behind it, and every piece of the puzzle falls into place.
  • Grow your language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) simultaneously and organically. It's the shortest path to thinking in Italian
  •  Learn about amazing Italians and beloved expats who shaped Italian history so you too can feel part of the Italian culture.  
  • Immerse yourself in Italian language and culture and start building your Italian identity. With love and ease. 

 What's special about the  LIVE edition ?

    •  Live Grammar Clinics  (Thursday, 5 pm [& recording]
    •  Weekly assignments with INDIVIDUAL feedback
    •  Conversation practice - Pausa caffè  ☕
    • Daily activities and accountability exercises in the community
    • Questions and doubts answered and clarified
    •  A step-by-step holistic learning path,  where each new element builds on the previous, with ongoing support

Some more love 💓 from our students

 Italian Campus graduates share their experiences.

Course Pricing

  • Autumn Edition 2023 - One payment


    Best value

  • ⭐ An experience designed with the 3D Method
  • ⭐ Individual feedback on weekly assignments
  • ⭐ Grammar Clinics - live Q&A (+ replay)
  • ⭐ Private course community
  • ⭐ Conversation practice
  • ⭐ Accountability & support
  • ⭐ Access to all materials until the end of 2023
  • Join Italian Incubator!

Is it you? 

You have tried it all, haven't you? But nothing has worked.

  • You've spent days, months or maybe even years on Duolingo. 
  • You've tried in-class and on-line Italian language classes. 
  • You've even tried the "Teach-yourself Italian" book, your grand-grandma brought with her in 1894. 
  •  You've been binge-learning Italian words and force-feeding yourself grammar to the point of linguistic (and not only) indigestion. 

And still... you feel your Italian is not progressing, you can't retain your new vocabulary, grammar is a hot mess and pronunciation makes you want to tear your own hair out.
Your attempts at speaking make you sweat profusely, and even the words you know are not there when you need them! 

Absolutely. Nothing. Is. Wrong. With. You!

Your memory is just fine.
You are good with languages.
You do have what it takes.


The only thing wrong is the traditional learning methodology that you've been exposed to.

And we have a solution for you



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Leo Carrara

An excellent beginner or review course!

I am shocked how much I enjoyed this course! I have been studying Italian on my own for about 2-3 years now, with various methods of self-study, tutoring, and some classes. While the majority of the Incubator course was a review, it exposed some very important gaps in my knowledge base and has definitely improved my ability to understand and communicate. The course itself has an excellent structure, and it is a surprisingly fun learning experience. I loved most of the games, and the video intros by Tania were insightful towards the overall learning strategy. If you are a beginner or an intermediate student who knows they are missing some pieces, I would HIGHLY recommend this course!

2 months ago
Susan Haberman

A multi-modal approach toward acquiring Italian language skills

7weekitalian is a complete immersion experience! I happened to find the Bootcamp week while starting to prepare for my first visit to Italy. Tania carefully explained her methods of teaching, which depart from traditional instruction in her emphasis to engage the students’ visual, auditory, speaking and writing abilities all at the same time. Coupled with the ideas of personal commitment, goals, and relevance to the student’s real life, the Italian language comes alive week by week. The Incubator course has been outstanding in so many respects. Tania’s passion and ingenuity are evident in every aspect of the instruction, from concept to execution. Her encouragement and “coach talks” are thoughtful and motivating. Tania teaches you how to learn most effectively, with tips on notebook organization, resources, and engaging with the community for practice and support. The online platform is well designed, lessons well organized and the exercises are fun and also challenging. For me personally as a completely new learner of Italian language and culture, I gained important cultural perspectives as well as language mechanics. On my recent visit to Italy, I was thrilled that I had learned proper pronunciation, could be socially polite, and had acquired enough vocabulary and grammar to enhance communication. If you have ever wanted to seriously learn Italian, this program is for you.

4 months ago
Rita Rossi Resick

Course for both begninners and not complete beginners

Incubator is perfect for beginners with no prior Italian knowledge, and they will be amazed at themselves speaking Italian with classmates by the end. As for my expectations, I knew enough Italian to make myself understood, with a serviceable vocabulary and decent grasp of verbs and conjugation. But I knew it was rough around the edges and I was looking for a review to refine my Italian before planning my next trip. At first, Incubator focused on basic principles that I knew well – things that students with no Italian needed to know -- articles, gender and number of nouns, agreement of adjectives with nouns. Those first lessons and the exercise drills were perfect for beginning students but I wondered if I was in the right class. Nonetheless, I stayed with it and sure enough, refinement started to come. Like, using articles to show gender for androgenous nouns like “insegnante” and “giornalista.” Or, when not to use articles, so, it is “la mia macchina” but “mia madre.” And it is “L’Italia è bella" but "Venezia è bella." And “Di dove sei” not “Da dove sei” (it’s “Da dove vieni?”). So, you can read about how amazed those beginner Italian speakers are at themselves by the end of Incubator. And it is true. But be assured that the previous Italian learner will learn at a new depth. And that is thanks to Tania’s (and Elisabetta’s) execution of the 3D method.

5 months ago
Kim Wallin

An excellent course!

I would like to say I'm so glad I took the leap at 7-week Italian. The course is very detailed, and it makes you want to progress each week. The weekly grammar clinic and Pausa caffe' are awesome to get together with your classmates and review. Tania and Elisabetta are great teachers and very encouraging. It is definitely a learning experience, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait to progress each week in my Italian language learning. This course is definitely worth the investment.

5 months ago
David Harmon Harmon

Now I know enough to be a little dangerous with Italian!

Considering that I knew only 4 words in Italian (grazie, buon giorno, scusi, and a swear word) before starting this course, I am amazed at how far I have come in 7 weeks. I want to thank Tania and Elisabetta for their guidance and tutelage. Tania has done a great job in creating a wonderful structured and integrated curriculum, that simulates an immersive experience. Kudos to her! Great course which I highly recommend.

5 months ago
Elaine Harmon

Highly recommended!

Over the years, I have tried to learn Italian using different methods and never really progressed. This course is amazing. Not only am I learning to speak Italian, my memory has improved. If you can commit time to study, this method of learning really works. Tania and her team have been great to work with.

5 months ago
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Too advanced for the Incubator?
Take our placement test to find out which Italian Campus program is the best fit! 

A holistic Italian learning experience, unlike any other.

We created it together with our students, based on their needs, interests, questions, difficulties and cultural curiosities. 
While leveraging the holistic principles of the 3D Method.

Then, with my team, we shaped and tweaked it until it became a  truly transformational experience for our students. 

In this 7-week course, you will find everything you need to build your Italian fluency from the ground up: 
a mix of guided self-paced lessons, simultaneous language skill growth, grammar and vocabulary practicetogether with Italian history, culture, geography and mentality elements!

Every aspect of it, every exercise, story, audio, video and 
grammar lesson is structured as part of a
 holistic Italian learning experience
and builds on the previous steps, with a clear objective:

bringing you closer to your Italian dream 
and your Italian identity.

 Experience a unique Italian language course, designed with the 3D method, carefully structured,  with a step-by-step guidance and culturally relevant content. 

Domande e risposte | Questions and answers

Italian Incubator is our foundation course, perfect for a complete beginner or an advanced beginner, with gaps in the foundations. 
It's the first step of the "La Trilogia" that makes up Italian Campus.

 It is followed by Italian Accelerator and Italian Momentum. 

Italian Incubator is for you, if you are a beginner, an advanced beginner, or even an elementary level student who feels that their foundations are a bit shaky.

If you feel advanced enough to start from a higher level program, take our placement test and let's find out! 

You can join Italian Incubator for €397.

Every week  on Thursday you will get access to a new weekly unit!

The lessons will be accessible on our Incubator platform and you will be able to go through the unit at your convenience, as long as you complete the lessons in 7 days.

After 7 days you will submit your assignment (compiti) and we will have a live lesson, the Grammar Clinic, to answer your questions!

The Grammar Clinic will take place on Thursdays at 5 pm Italian time!

 If you can't make it (so many students are busy professionals, or live on the other side of the world!) you can ask  your questions in advance (!) on the platform and watch the recording! 

Pausa caffè are small conversation groups where you practice the course topics we are working on together with 2-3 other classmates.

You will schedule the meetings with them at a time that works for everyone!

You decide how much time you can dedicate daily or weekly.
 It's completely up to you. Our recommendation is at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. But if you can do an hour or two, that's great!
Don't forget the weekly and monthly reviews! 

During the active phases of the course we have weekly assignments on the platform.
If you submit them on time, before the deadline, we will correct your text (or video) and share feedback.
Compiti submitted after the deadline do not get feedback, but it is still important to do the work! 

You can take time off during the Incubator journey, and you will be able to catch up on everything, even if you miss up to 3 weeks of the course. 
While you are catching up, you will be able to participate in the Grammar clinics, or ask your questions, even if they are from the previous weeks! 

You will be able to access the lessons until the end of 2023, or as long as you are part of the 7-week Italian learning journey. 

What comes after the Incubator? 

Italian Incubator is the first step of Italian Campus

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Keep Momentum

Italian Campus is a holistic learning experience, designed with the 3D Method.
It has 3 main steps: Incubator, Accelerator and Momentum.
There is also a review program called Ripasso in between.
Once you graduate from Italian Incubator you can review it or move forward to Italian Accelerator and beyond! 

Fall in love with Italian! Learn or revisit the foundations of the Italian language on the way to your Italian identity.

You can achieve anything you can imagine | Se puoi sognarlo, puoi farlo!  

Ciao, I’m Tania Troyan, the heart and mind behind the holistic 3D Method™ and the innovative Italian language programs here at 7-week Italian™.

I am on a mission to transform the way Italian is taught and help my students reach their Italian dream. 🍋

This mission stems from my pretty unusual life journey…
What makes my Method truly unique and allows me to understand your struggles, challenges, and help you find the fastest way towards your Italian identity is the fact that… 

I have been you.  

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned learner who has mastered every aspect of the language, I have been where you are now and where you are headed. 

Just like you, I started from scratch.

Because before I became an Italian language and culture expert, an Italian interpreter, translator, and teacher, I was a 17-year-old girl who fell madly in love with the sound of this magical language and decided to master it perfectly and become Italian.
Whatever it took.  

I quite literally dedicated the rest of my life to reaching this objective and then helping others do the same.

For years I’ve been painfully aware of the imperfections of the traditional language teaching methods, that throw information at you in the hope something would stick, that never provide tools for retention and see just the language and never add the learner to the equation.  

I’ve been looking for an alternative, and when I couldn’t find one, I created it.  
I had to build the plane while flying it.  🛫 But you don't have to.

I’ve distilled years of academic studies, language studies, and research into the holistic 3D Method™,  and poured my heart, soul, and decades of experience of both learning and teaching Italian into creating my programs.  

Today, together with my wonderful team, I guide my students towards fluency through a structured step-by-step Italian language journey that equips them with the right tools, techniques, and most importantly, the right mindset. 

We helped over 10 000 students from all over the world  to make their "Italian" dream come true.

It's my way of making a difference and helping passionate Italian learners transform their lives and
 feel at home in Italy. 🏡

Too advanced for the Incubator?
Take our placement test to find out which Italian Campus program is the best fit!