Your gateway to Italian grammar

A unique 3D Italian Grammar manual

Manuale 3D is a complete implementation guide of all Italian grammar topics. 

The first 8 modules (Livello principianti)
of Manuale 3D are a cross-section review of all Incubator and Accelerator vocabulary and grammar.
We call it "Il Ripasso"!

The program dissects the anatomy of each grammar topic, breaks it down into single elements and allows you to thoroughly revise and practice at 360Β°, through exercises, games, songs and audio.

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Rebecca Tone


Il Ripasso has been a wonderful experience. When I started Momentum it had been a few years since I had taken a class. With Tania's expertise, the support of the other students and hard work I felt a real sense of accomplishment when it was completed. I planned to review everything and then some. Il Ripasso was exactly what I needed. You had the ability to work at your own pace. Everything was laid back but you still had a class to attend or view later, the wonderful community you had become a part of and all the lessons. It was exactly what I needed. In May I was injured and had to stop the program for a period of time. Tania was very supportive and reminded me that this was low key and on my own schedule. It was difficult for me to stop but I followed the orders of my physician. When I was able to return I did just that! I'm still reviewing at my own pace. I can't say enough about Tania's teaching methods and what a masterful teacher she is. Actually, 7weekItalian is addicting. I've never heard of having a review class in other programs. It is brilliant and so is Tania. I'm forever grateful I found Tania and 7weekitalian.

3 years ago
Carina Spinardi

Perfect for language reinforcement

Il Ripasso course reinforced the Italian lessons I had learned in Accelerator and Momentum and clarified the areas that I was either confused or less confident. As a result, I feel more secure and confident with my language skills. As with the previous 7weekitalian courses, the material was presented clearly, interrelated and completely engaging. I have enjoyed our pausa caffè, getting to know fellow classmates and commenting on Facebook. I feel like we have a special community that shares the passion to learn the Italian language and which makes it even more fun! Tania, the instructor, is wonderful, and highly knowledgeable in the science of language.

3 years ago
Lynn Herrmann

So much more than a review of Italian language concepts!

Review is necessary when learning a language and Ripasso was exactly what I needed to take my Italian to the next level! The structuring of Ripasso helped me stay focused and on the course (I wouldn't have reviewed all the concepts/topics covered in Ripasso in such detail on my own). The most significant benefit I experienced was being able to integrate grammar concepts into conversation (versus just being aware of concepts and completing exercises). Also, with Ripasso, I found myself noticing language nuances that I didn't recognize when initially learning concepts. Being aware of these nuances helps me sound more like a native speaker. Tania provides interesting topics for Pausa Caffè chats with fellow classmates as well. In summary, give yourself the gift of reviewing Italian with Ripasso!

3 years ago
Daphna Zitrin

Love it !!!

Reviewing the material and clarify whatever I didn't absorb the first time, until we got it, was amazing. Towards the end of the course I went to Rome and I spoke Italian like I've never spoken before! Suddenly I understood almost everything they said to me and I had the courage to answer and ask questions in Italian too. It felt awesome, and it's all thanks to you, Tania. Grazie mille ❀

3 years ago
Irit hadari

So good to be in good hands...

Can't believe 16 weeks are over... and every step of it was essential!!! I feel lucky to have chosen to enroll in RIPASSO.. it is really so important .. without it I would feel like traveling without a suitcase ... it feels like these were the exact ingredients for the best meal. As a student that really is working hard and doing everything to succeed, I know it could never be enough without RIPASSO.. now I feel ready for the next step ! Tania - thank you so much... I couldn't have made a better choice! ❀

3 years ago
Maria Durrant


Refreshing our recollection of the Italian grammar we learned over the last year was an important step in learning. We don’t retain everything we learn the first time. Il Ripasso was so valuable to me to reinforce what I learned, to practice, and to learn grammar that I did not retain the first time. Tania is a superb teacher who understands the methods of teaching that work! I am very grateful for how much Italian I have learned.

3 years ago
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Course Curriculum

*Ripasso 1= Livello Principianti (7+1 settimane)

Every step of this journey will bring you closer to your goal: understanding, speaking and thinking in Italian.