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Italian Language Barometer 

 Take our  360° Italian  level assessment and find out which topics and skills need your attention.

Discover your "Achilles heel" when it comes to Italian grammar, vocabulary and language skills, and get your individual road-map to fluency.
Italian Letter combinations

Italian Letter combinations

Italian Digital Toolbox [Masterclass]

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Discover the best way to use various Italian digital resources and apps across the board to fast-track your Italian fluency.
 Learn which tools to avoid, so you don't sabotage your progress.

Italian letter combinations & sounds


Start pronouncing Italian letter combinations correctly. 
Download the letter combinations cheat sheet and audio guide and make sure these basics are rock-solid!
Italian Letter combinations

Thinking in Italian  [Masterclass]

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Thinking is a language skill, like reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking.
As every other language skill it should be practised intentionally and consistently.
But how does one practise thinking?
Find out in this on-demand masterclass.